For those attorneys attending the webinar from an approved state, once the attendance code is submitted, the attorney’s attendance of this webinar will be reported by  to his or her State Bar or the appropriate Certificate of Attendance/course number will be provided for individual reporting within thirty (30) days.  


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The Billable Hour is a comprehensive, 99-page pdf guide to hourly billing available for purchase through Lexis Nexis.  The Webinar Packet is a 26-page pdf packet that includes the link for viewing the one-hour CLE webinar, "3 Tips for Better Billing," on-demand, as well as speaker bio, course description and the course materials for the webinar.  

If you still have questions or issues purchasing or downloading one of the products or obtaining CLE credit for the webinar, contact us at and we will promptly address your inquiry.  


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For those attorneys attending from a state in which this course has not yet been approved, please send a request for a generic Certificate of Attendance/course number for this webinar along with submission of the attendance code for use in individual reporting to your respective State Bar.

If reporting is needed sooner than thirty (30) days, the attorney should include a request for rushed reporting along with submission of the attendance code. 


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